BF-TD four directional pallet truck


Pallet truck can be manoeuvred sideways

The BF-TD four directional pallet truck can be moved in all directions. Ideal for use in warehouses or narrow aisles.
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  • Can be moved in all four directions
  • Practical for the transport of extra wide goods
  • Rubberised handle
  • Entry and exit castors for easy picking up of pallets
  • Ideal for use in narrow aisles and warehouses
  • Quality hydraulic pump with pressure relief valve for a long service life
  • Can be used also as a normal pallet truck

The BF-TD pallet truck

This pallet truck from the BF-TD series has a lot to offer. The fork castors of the four directional pallet truck are not arranged as standard tandem castors, as usual for pallet trucks, but against each other. As a result, the BF-TD series four directional pallet truck can also be manoeuvred sideways very easily. The sophisticated technology makes it possible.

When the four directional pallet truck is pumped all the way to the top, the rear fork castors unhook and the second pair is hooked in. The tiller can also be fixed in place with a bolt, so that it is held in the sideways position. The truck can now be moved sideways safely and easily.

To return to normal manoeuvring, lower the pallet truck all the way back down and loosen the retaining bolt on the tiller.


Technical specifications


Features Vierwegehubwagen
Load capacity (Q)
2,500 kg
1,500 kg
Lift range (h) 85 mm - 200 mm
Fork dimensions (l/w/h) 1,150/160/55 mm
Outer distance between forks (b) 540 mm
Turning radius (Wa) 1,425 mm
Total weight (kg) 88 kg