TWINNER manual sweeper


For indoors and outdoors up to approx. 1000 m²

Whether metal filings, nails, paper, leaves or beverage cans - the Twinner manual sweeper removes any dirt, due to its light, quick and manoeuvrable construction
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  • Features
  • Technical specifications


  • Manual operation, therefore always ready for use
  • Particularly service-friendly
  • Space-saving to store
  • Easy to push
  • Adjustable sweeper roller and side broom
  • Available with one or two side brooms
  • Large dirt container
  • Quick folding mechanism of the handle

TWINNER manual sweeper

Our TWINNER manual sweeper is the ideal solution for efficient indoor and outdoor cleaning. Surfaces up to 1,000 m² can be cleaned with the TWINNER 650/800 without any problems. With just one pass, the manual sweeper effortlessly removes large and small dirt of all kinds.


Flexible use with one or two brooms

Depending on the location, you can obtain the TWINNER manual sweeper in 2 variations.  Choose between the TWINNER 650 with a side brush or the TWINNER 800 with two side brushes.


The compact, manoeuvrable sweeper TWINNER

The TWINNER is the perfect introduction to the most efficient way of cleaning for areas such as driveways, sidewalks, industrial areas, halls, parking lots and more. It works more effectively than hand-held sweepers with conventional single roller systems. Depending on the model, either a broom or two brooms sweep your debris from corners and edges to the front of the roller brushes. These brushes pick up the dirt and transport it from above into the waste container using the throw-over principle. The throw-over principle fills the spacious dust container up to 75 %. The TWINNER reliably picks up all types of material from flat lying paper to the size of beverage cans.


TWS in the power pack for best results

The TWINNER combines the tandem roller system (TWS) and convinces with excellent sweeping results under the most difficult conditions. The two counter-rotating brush rollers remove both fine dust and rough dirt. 


The TWINNER manual sweeper is not the right machine for you?

We offer you a wide range of high-quality sweepers. For the best possible sweeping results, you will find other great professional sweeper models besides the TWINNER. If you have any questions or suggestions, please call us at the telephone number above or send us an e-mail.

Technical specifications


Drive/ motorisation Manual Manual
Sweeping system Tandem roller system Tandem roller system
Working width without side broom 470 mm 470 mm
Working width with one/ two side brooms 650 mm 800 mm
Power transmission Round belt Round belt
Theoretical sweeping capacity 2270 m²/h 2800 m²/h
Practical sweeping capacity 1362 m²/h (60%) 1680 m²/h (60%)
Net cleaning area up to 750 m² 1000 m²
Dirt tank capacity 40 L 40 L
Dimensions (L x W x H) 800 x 660 x 330 mm 800 x 660 x 330 mm
Weight 13 kg 14 kg
Areas of use Entrances
Parking spots
Commercial spaces
Parking spots