Bale clamps for forklift trucks

Bale clamps for easy handling of rolls and bales with a diameter up to 1,900 mm

Easily transport paper rolls with a forklift truck.
A pressure relief valve prevents the goods from being crushed or squashed.
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  • Features


  • Lift, transport and turn bales or rolls with a diameter up to 1,900 mm
  • Continuously rotatable by 360°
  • For the supported handling of particularly wide pallets
  • Slim grippers with exchangeable covers for lifting various materials
  • Adjustable pressure relief valve to safeguard the materials against crushing or squeezing

Bale clamps for forklift trucks

Bale clamps make it possible to lift vertical and horizontal fabric or paper rolls with a diameter of 300 mm - 1900 mm with a forklift truck. The coated contact plates and the bale clamp grippers with their slim design avoid damage to the fabric or paper rolls during lifting, transport and when setting down.
The integrated rotator with direct worm gear drive ensures a rotation range of 360°. As a result, the rolls are always gripped securely and can be lifted and set down precisely and without damage with the forklift truck, even on slopes and ramps. A check valve ensures that the clamps always exert constant pressure on the rolls during transport. An adjustable pressure relief valve ensures that the clamps do not crush the fabric and paper rolls.