WK1 workshop crane

Helfer für die Werkstatt

The practical aid in the workshop

The workshop crane is designed for long-term use in workshops and warehouses.
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  • Load capacity between 250 kg and 1,000 kg
  • Lift height up to 2,350 mm
  • Easy to operate, foldable to save space
  • Also manoeuvrable when folded
  • Can be assembled by one person in just a few steps
  • Particularly suitable as a packing and unpacking aid, or for aligning heavy components and machines
  • Adjustable load arm with 4 load positions

The WK1 workshop crane

A workshop crane replaces the "third hand" that is often missing in workshops and warehouses, whether as a motorised crane, for the alignment of components, or for the lifting or holding of loads in day-to-day workshop operations.

The load capacity of the workshop crane depends on the length of the load arm. This is adjustable in four positions. The crane can be easily folded and therefore requires little storage space when not in use. The WK1 can carry 250 kg, 500 kg, 750 kg or 1000 kg. The maximum lift height of the cranes also changes, depending on the arm length.

Technical specifications


Load capacity (Q) 250 - 1,000 kg
Lift arm length 1,160-1,460 mm
Lift height, max. 2,350 mm
Overall height (h) 1,670 mm
Overall width (b) 464-1,126 mm
Service weight 115 kg