Wheels and castors at HanseLifter

We provide you with a permanent supply of all wheels and castors in various versions for all our pallet trucks, forklifts and stackers. The wheels and castors also fit many other brands of pallet trucks and forklift trucks.

Selection criteria for castors and wheels

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Various factors come into play when choosing the right castors and wheels for your pallet trucks. A range of tips are provided in the following list. In cases of doubt, however, a practical test is the only way to find out if the selected castor equipment is the right choice.

Fundamental criteria

Load capacity
The load capacity of the castors and wheels is based on the service weight of the unit and the additional load allowed. HanseLifter castor equipment is generally dimensioned so that the wheels and castors can carry at least the total weight, service weight and maximum additional load.

Impact resistance
Castors can be exposed to extreme loads during day-to-day work, caused by uneven floors and potholes. These impacts, which directly affect a wheel or castor, often far exceed normal load bearing capacity. To protect them from excessive strain, castors and wheels with elastic running surfaces, such as polyurethane or rubber, should be selected when working on uneven floors, and a provision for additional loading should be included in the calculations.

Environmental influences
A further criterion is external influences, which can have an effect on the wheels and castors. In addition to heat, cold or moisture, there are various chemicals that can have an influence on the castors. A detailed list of the individual materials can be found in the table "Chemical resistance of wheels and castors".