TWINTRIX manual sweeper


Manual sweeper with 500 m² cleaning area

The TWINTRIX manual sweeper is perfect for corners and edges which are not accessible to larger units.
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  • Features
  • Technical specifications


  • Modular structure
  • Very easy to push
  • Completely manual operation, therefore
  • Rollers and side brushes made of low-wear polyamide
  • Flexible usage options
  • With side brushes for corners and edges

TWINTRIX manual sweeper

With its light, fast and easily manoeuvrable design, the TWINTRIX manual sweeper removes metal filings, nails, paper, leaves or beverage cans. It makes it easy to clean corners and edges. After use, the TWINTRIX manual sweeper can be stored in even the smallest corner!

The TWINTRIX manual sweeper has a modular design. This sweeper therefore offers flexible capabilities and is a real alternative to sweeping with a broom. As the 1st module, i.e. without dust collector and side brushes, the TWINTRIX manual sweeper is ideal for sweeping up large quantities of dirt. As the 2nd module, with side brushes, the manual sweeper sweeps into every corner and edge. As the 3rd module, i.e. with side brushes and dust collector, the TWINTRIX manual sweeper collects the dirt that has been swept up at the same time.

Technical specifications


Drive Manual
Sweeping system Dustpan
Working width 470 mm
Working width with side brushes 650 mm
Power transmission Gears
Dirt collector 20 l
Cleaning area 500 m²
Service weight 6.5 kg