TWINTOP 1300 ride-on vacuum sweeper


The powerful ride-on vacuum sweeper

Unsurpassed sweeping results, up to 50,000 m².
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  • Tandem roller system (TWS)
  • Available with petrol, diesel or electric motor
  • High discharge
  • Solid steel frame
  • Optimum access to technology
  • Wide range of additional equipment

The TWINTOP 1300 ride-on vacuum sweeper

With the motorised ride-on sweeper TWIN TOP 1300 you alays have large areas up to 50,000 m² under control. With just one pass, the sweeper removes coarse and small dirt of all kinds, from fine dust to stones and bottles.


Different motor variants for maximum flexibility

The TWIN TOP 1300 ride-on sweeper is available in different variations. Choose between diesel, electric oder petrol engine and get a machine that is exactly suited to your requirements.


Different mounting options on request

On request, you can choose up to 4 side brushes made of different materials, a canopy or a drivers cab, a spring-loaded seat or completely individual requirements.


TWS is the power pack for best results

he TWIN TOP 1300 combines the Tandem Roller System (TWS) for unsurpassed sweeping results with a particularly robust, powerful platform of a professional sweeper for extremely reliable operation under the toughest conditions. The two counter-rotating brush rollers safely pick up fine dust as well as objects up to 1 litre bottle size, grab it and throw it upside down into the rear dirt container, which is filled to 90%.


The TWIN TOP 1300 ride-on sweeper is not the right machine for you?

We offer you a wide range of high-quality sweepers. For othe best sweeping results you will find the TWIN TOP 1300 as well as other great ride-on sweepers. If you have any questions or suggestions, please call us at the telephone numer above or send us an e-mail.


Technical specifications


Drive Electric powered Petrol/fuel gas engine Diesel engine
Sweeping system TRS TRS TRS
Working width without side brushes 800 mm 800 mm 800 mm
- with one side brush 1,100 mm 1,100 mm 1,100 mm
- with two side brushes 1,300 mm 1,300 mm 1,300 mm
Power transmission Electric/chain Hydraulic/chain Hydraulic/chain
Motorised drive Yes Yes Yes
Dust removal system Yes Yes Yes
Dirt collector 150 l 150 l 150 l
Cleaning area 50,000 m² 50,000 m² 50,000 m²
Theor. sweeping performance 13,000 m² 13,000 m² 13,000 m²
Pract. sweeping performance 9,100 m² 9,100 m² 9,100 m²
Dimensions (lxwxh) 1,830x1,130x1,540 mm 1,450x900x1,165 mm 1,450x900x1,165 mm
Area of application Outdoors/indoors Outdoors/indoors Outdoors
Service weight 850 kg 670 kg 690 kg