TWINTOP 1100 ride-on vacuum sweeper


Comfortable ride-on vacuum sweeper up to 12000 m² - also with high dump

Agile ride-on vacuum sweeper with extra-large dust collector.
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  • Extra large dust collector and dust filter
  • High-performance dust removal system, very well suited for sand and particulate matter
  • Differential drive at both rear wheels
  • Good climbing performance and manoeuvrability
  • Electric filter cleaning mechanism
  • Extremely easy technical access (for maintenance and repair work)
  • Side brushes with pendulum suspension (TWINTOP 1100 model)
  • Available in an electric or petrol version (TWINTOP 1100 model)

TWINTOP 1100 ride-on vacuum sweeper

When quick and efficient cleaning of larger interior and exterior surfaces is required, walking pace is often no longer sufficient. But a large ride-on vacuum sweeper is frequently not agile enough and too expensive.

These problems are addressed by mid-range ride-on vacuum sweepers. With a sweeping performance that is superior to many large units and the manoeuvrability of walk-behind vacuum sweepers.

The TWINTOP 1100 ride-on vacuum sweeper is equipped with a stronger electric motor, or for outdoor use, with an internal combustion engine.

The very strong base frame is made of powder coated steel, and the impact-resistant casing is extremely robust. The side brushes with pendulum suspension can automatically avoid obstacles.

The TWINTOP 1100 models can also be supplied with a high dump option, e.g. for unloading into a dumpster.


Technical specifications


Drive Electric powered Combustion
Sweeping system TWS TWS
Working width without side brushes 700 mm 600 mm
- with one side brush 900 mm 800 mm
- with two side brushes 1,100 mm 1,000 mm
Power transmission Electrohydraulic Electrohydraulic
Motorised drive Yes Yes
Dust removal system Yes Yes
Dirt collector 90 l 90 l
Cleaning area 12,000 m² 12,000 m²
Theor. sweeping performance 6,600 m² 6,600 m²
Pract. sweeping performance 4,620 m² 4,620 m²
Dimensions (lxwxh) 1,450x900x1,165 mm 1,450x900x1,165 mm
Area of application Outdoors/indoors Outdoors
Service weight 331 kg 230 kg