TWINTOP 1000 ride-on vacuum sweeper


Agile ride-on vacuum sweeper up to 12,000 m²

The TWINTOP 1000 is equipped with an extra large dust collector and dust filter.
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  • High-performance dust removal system, very good for sand and particulate matter
  • Differential drive at both rear wheels
  • Good climbing performance and manoeuvrability
  • Electric filter cleaning mechanism
  • Extremely easy technical access

TWINTOP 1000 ride-on vacuum sweeper

The electric powered TWINTOP 1000 is ideal for use on concrete, asphalt and paved floors. This ride-on vacuum sweeper can also be used on carpets. It achieves a sweeping performance of up to 8,000 m² and maintenance is quick and easy - rollers and side brushes can be replaced without tools.

With a sweeping performance that is superior to many large units and the manoeuvrability of walk-behind vacuum sweepers.

Large ride-on vacuum sweepers are frequently not agile enough and too expensive. As a ride-on vacuum sweeper, the TWINTOP offers up to 50% more ground coverage than walk-behind vacuum sweepers with the same sweeping width - and at a surprisingly affordable price.


Technical specifications


Drive Electric powered
Sweeping system TWS
Working width 600 mm
Power transmission Chain
Motorised drive Yes
Dust removal system Yes
Dirt collector (l) Yes
Cleaning area 8,000 m²
Dimensions (lxwxh) 1,190/790/1,089 mm
Total weight (kg) 160 kg