Transport basket for forklift trucks


Transport basket for forklift trucks SIKO/L work basket for the secure transport of persons and materials with the forklift

Secure transport of persons and materials. The SIKO/L transport basket for forklift trucks. Simply mount it on the forks, secure it and you are done. Safety in the workplace takes precedence! This is why we recommend that a transport basket is always used when carrying persons with a forklift truck.
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  • Features


  • Coated or fully galvanised version
  • Capacity approx. 300 kg
  • Square tube frame 35x35x2 mm
  • Delivery is disambled and packed in cardbox
  • Outer dimensions 1,154x1,224 mm,
  • Front door self-locking
  • Floor with steel drain plate
  • For fork dimensions of max. 150x60 mm
  • Incl. tools and assembly instructions

SIKO/L working and transport basket for forklift trucks

The working cage serves as an aid for repair and maintenance work, which occasionally has to be carried out at elevated points. The assembly of the basket takes only a few minutes. This basket is particularly suitable for maintenance, repair or assembly work.


Absolut safety with the SIKO/L workman basket

The SIKO/L working cage is hooked into the forks of the forklift truck and secured there. The floor of the transport cage is designed to be non-slip to ensure optimum and safe standing. Bolts with double chain securing and spring-loaded door locks also contribute to the safety of the working cage. Transport people safely in our high-quality safety baskets with the forklift truck.


The workman basket is not the right attachment for you?

We offer you further high-quality attachments for your forklift truck. Find your flexible solution for everyday work with forklifts. If you have questions or suggestions, please call us at the telephone number above or send us an e-mail.