TANDEM KS910 manual sweeper


Robust motorised manual sweeper up to 3,000 m²

The manual sweeper is available with electric drive (TANDEM KSE910) and with an internal combustion engine (TANDEM KSV910)
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  • Height-adjustable driver handle
  • Good climbing performance and manoeuvrability
  • Tandem fork castors and entry castors for easy picking up of pallets
  • Grease nipple for simple maintenance
  • Fork markings for easy pallet handling
  • Controlled, continuous lowering of the pallet truck with the hand lever
  • 210° steering angle, making it easy to manoeuvre

TANDEM KS910 manual sweeper

While the KS900 are models still manufactured in the open design of the smaller HanseLifter sweepers, the KS910 models have an integral construction. This provides a very strong, robust and durable structure, which is extremely impact-resistant and well equipped to handle even heavy duty tasks.

The roller mounting is also different in both models. The roller mountings of the KS910 manual sweepers are manufactured entirely from steel, making them particularly robust and low-maintenance. Both models of the manual sweeper are equipped with a large, removable 60 l dirt collector made of polyethylene, which is easy to remove and clean.

The electric version of the KS910 manual sweeper is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The version with internal combustion engine is intended for outdoor use only.


Technical specifications



Electric powered

Sweeping system Tandem roller system Tandem roller system
Working width 500 mm 500 mm
Working width with brush/two brushes 700 mm / 900 mm 700 mm / 900 mm
Dirt collector 60 l 60 l
Cleaning area 3,000 m² 3,000 m²
Service weight (kg)

45 kg

45 kg