TANDEM KS910 manual sweeper


Robust motorised manual sweeper up to 3,000 m²

The manual sweeper is available with electric drive (TANDEM KSE910) and with an internal combustion engine (TANDEM KSV910)
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  • Tandem roller system (TWS)
  • Available as petrol or electric motor
  • Can be also used on carpet
  • Traction drive
  • Dust extraction switchable
  • Impact-resistant frame
  • Polyfilters

The TANDEM KS900 manual sweeper

Our TANDEM KS 910 sweeper is ideal for daily use under the most difficult conditions. The professional sweeper TANDEM KS 910 cleans large areas up to 3,000 m² without any problems. With just one pass, the machine effortlessly removes coarse and small dirt of all kinds, from fine dust to stones.

Flexible in use

Depending on the location, you can obtain the TANDEM KS 910 in 2 variations.  Choose between an electric or petrol internal combustion engine and receive a device which is exactly tailored to your requirements and your cleaning area.  The electric version, the KSE 910, has a deep discharge protection which prevents the battery from being discharged too much. As an option, the electric version can also be supplied with an onboard charger.

The compact, powerful TANDEM KS 910

The KS 910 is the powerhouse in the tandem class. As a universal hand-held sweeper, it combines the advantages of extremely powerful dust extraction with the technically superior tandem roller system (TWS). Both the KSV petrol sweeper and the KSE electric sweeper are very easy to handle, extremely robust and also very quiet.

TWS in the power pach for best results

The TANDEM KS series combines the Tandem Roller System (TWS) and convinces with its unsurpassed sweeping results under the most difficult conditions. The two counter-rotating brush rollers remove fine dust and coarse dirt quickly, thoroughly and easily.

The TANDEM KS910 sweeper is ot the right machine for you?

We offer a large collection of high-quality sweepers. For an optimum sweeping result, you can find more sweeper models beside the TANDEM KS 910. If you have any questions or suggestions, please call us at the telephone number above or send us an e-mail.


Technical specifications


Drive / motorisation Petrol engine
Honda, 4 stroke, 2.9 KW electric motor
12 V, 300 W, 80 Ah battery
Sweeping system Tandem roller system (TWS) Tandem roller system (TWS)
Working width without side brooms 500 mm 500 mm
Working width with one broom / with two brooms 700 mm / 900 mm 700 mm / 900 mm
Power transmission Toothed belt Toothed belt
Theoretical sweeping capacity 3600 m²/h 360 m²/h
Practical sweeping capacity 2340 m²/h (65%) 2340 m²/h (65%)
Net cleaning area up to 3000 m² 3000m²
Dirt container caapacity 60 L 60 L
Running time 3 hours 2/4 hours
Motorised sweeper roller drive Yes Yes
Dimensions (L x W x H) 1.150 x 790 x 600 mm 1.150 x 790 x 600 mm
Weight 95 kg 105 kg
Air volume of dust extraction 250 m³/h 250 m³/h
Filter area 2.5 m² 2.5 m²
Filter cleaning Mechanical Mechanical
Speed 3.7 km/h 3.7 km/h
Climbing capacity 20 % 20 %
Areas of use Garages
Parking spots
Production areas
Underground garages
Sales areas
Commercial spaces
Parking spots
Production areas
Underground garages
Sales areas