SLR and LSLR heavy duty rollers

Manual heavy duty rollers up to 24 t

Manual heavy duty rollers for machines, equipment and furniture.
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  • Loads up to 24,000 kg
  • Steerable models (LSLR6t and LSLR12t) with lug for hooking onto forklift trucks or tractors
  • Equipped with high-quality nylon or steel castors (load-dependent)
  • Variable width adjustment (SLR models)
  • Can be used individually or in combination (SLR models)
  • Chassis width individually adjustable (SLR models)
  • Suitable for all flat surfaces

The SLR and LSLR heavy duty rollers

The SLR and LSLR heavy duty rollers make it possible to easily transport machines, equipment and furniture with a total weight of up to 24,000 kg. The LSLR models are steerable and equipped with a tiller. This can be hooked onto a forklift truck or tractor and transported even more easily. The tiller of the 6 t and 12 t LSLR models is equipped with a towing lug, which can be hooked directly onto a forklift truck or tractor. The LSLR models make it even easier to transport heavy machines. An anti-slip mat is glued to the platform of all heavy duty rollers.

Technical specifications


Features Not steerable Steerable Steerable
Load capacity (Q) 3,000 kg 6,000 kg 12,000 kg
Carrier plate (lxw) 150x185 mm 400x220 mm 400x220 mm
Dimensions (lxwxh) 240x297x105 mm 535x640x115 mm 565x640x117 mm
Castor equipment Nylon 85x90 mm Nylon 85x90 mm Stahl 83x85 mm
Number of castors 4 8 8
Weight 15 kg 47 kg 75 kg

Technische Daten


Merkmale Breite verstellbar Breite verstellbar Breite verstellbar
Tragfähigkeit (Q) 6.000kg 12.000kg 24.000kg
Tragplatte (LxB) 2x 160x250mm 2x 165x350mm 2x 220x425mm
Abmessungen (LxBxH)
in mm
270x320-1240x115 270x425-1240x11 290x500-1240x115
Rollenausstattung Nylon 85x88mm Nylon 85x88mm Stahl 85x88mm
Rollenanzahl 2x4 2x6 2x8
Gewicht 31kg 39kg 89kg