JF-SC scissor lift pallet truck

Scherenhubwagen JF-SC

Manual scissor lift pallet truck with extra high frame

The hydraulic scissor lift pallet truck can move pallets and can be used as a workbench from a lift height of 200 mm, because the supporting bolts are extended.
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  • Load capacity: 1,000 kg
  • Lifting height: 800 mm
  • Load centre: 600 mm
  • Fork outer distance: 540 mm
  • Can be manoeuvred up to a lifting height of 200 mm
  • Rubberized, ergonomically shaped handle
  • Dosed release at the hand lever
  • Extra high frame
  • Hydraulic pump with single stage telescopic ram
  • Single lift cylinder for consistent lift properties
  • OPTIONAL: With food grade approved H1 oil

JF-SC scissor lift pallet truck

The JF-SC scissor lift pallet truck, with single-stage lifting cylinder, can move pallets and be used as a workbench from a lifting height of 200 mm, as the support pins are extended. The characteristic feature of the JF-SC scissor lift pallet truck is the extra high frame of it.


Ergonomics at the workplace

By raising the pallets, the working area can be adjusted to a comfortable height for you, e.g. when loading or unloading material or loading machines.

All models are equipped with a load capacity of 1,000 kg and a lifting height up to 800 mm. The JF-SC can be fully manoeuvred up to a lifting height of 200 mm, making them suitable for use as a lift truck.


Technical specifications


Features Extra high frame
Load capacity (kg) 1,000
Drive Manual
Lift range (mm) 85 - 800
Lift (mm) 715
Lift per drawbar stroke (mm) Approx. 35
Free lift No
Operation Hand
Tyres Polyurethane
Fork dimensions (LxWxH) (mm) 1,170/160/50
Total length (mm) 1,640
Total width (mm) 540
Fork outer distance (mm) 540
Turning radius (mm) 1,400
Lowering speed Adjustable
Service brake Parking brake
Total weight (kg) 118