SAUG60 suction lifter

The suction lifter with a load capacity of 60 kg

Easy lifting of glass, tiles and panels. With the SAUG60 suction lifter made from robust aluminium.
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  • Extreme suction power and load bearing capacity
  • Aluminium body
  • Loads up to 60 kg
  • Wear-free levers with robust build quality
  • Smooth suction cup pads

The SAUG60 suction lifter

The SAUG60 suction lifter is a practical aid when it comes to lifting glass, tiles, sheets or ceramics. The solid build quality makes it adhere to any smooth surface. The levers are of solid build quality and wear-free. With its low service weight of less than one kilogram, it is easy to take the SAUG60 along to any location required.


Technical specifications


Load 60 kg
Service weight 830 g