Product overview

HanseLifter is your reliable partner for forklift trucks, electric powered trucks, pallet trucks & materials handling equipment, warehouse & operating supplies. We offer a huge selection of industrial trucks and related accessories. Why not find out for yourself! Here is an product overview!

The right lifting and conveying technology for your business


In the above selection we offer the different product groups. Further detailed information can be obtained by clicking on the area. Please always pay attention to the product information, which you receive by clicking on the corresponding tabs. In addition to lifting height, load capacity, dimensions (overall height, depth and width), driving performance, battery power and equipment technology, this product information is of great importance. Use our practical download of the data sheets.



In the forklift category we offer you all drive types such as electric forklift trucks, gas forklift trucks and diesel forklift trucks. The design variants are divided into the equipment classes counterbalanced truck, reach truck and three-wheel truck. We are happy to offer you the appropriate attachments ex works. If you need your own paintwork, e.g. in your CI colours, please contact us. If you are interested, we can also demonstrate the forklift trucks to you on site. Make an appointment. Write us an e-mail or call us directly at 0421 - 336 36 200.


Attachments for forklift trucks

With our practical attachments for forklift trucks, you are always one step ahead. Did you know that about 60% of all forklift trucks are equipped with attachments? As a result, the choice of attachments in conveyor technology is huge. In addition to the most common variants, which we sell ourselves under our own brand HanseLifter, we have dealerships for all well-known attachment brands. If you do not find what you are looking for here, our  special construction department  will be happy to help you with a specially designed and manufactured special construction. Make an appointment right now at 0421 - 336 36 265.


Electric pallet truck

At electric pallet trucks HanseLifter is a genuine top supplier. A large program with really clever solutions for these important helpers in the daily handling of goods. HanseLifter electric pallet trucks are used in many companies today. With their low dead weight, they are ideally suited for use on trucks.


Pedestrian stacker

Here you will find one of the largest combinations of pedestrian stackers on the market. We offer you ergonomic operation, very good driving characteristics and low operating costs for tough industrial applications in this product class. Choose from the variants according to mast lifting height, free lifting height, lifting weight and equipment dimensions. Of course we offer a video to all devices, which clarifies the application. Please also refer to the data sheet which is available for download. Especially recommendable is our own lifting and  lifting and conveying technology configurator  for pedestrian stackers, which leads you with only a few clicks with the important technical questions quickly to the suitable device.


High lift trucks

You also have one of the largest selection options on the market for high-platform trucks and stackers. All common lifting loads, lifting heights and free lifting heights are offered manually or electrically in the portfolio. The high lift trucks from HanseLifter also stand out from the competition due to many details. For example, a HanseLifter high lift truck has the greatest ground clearance on the market. You will quickly appreciate this advantage on not quite such a perfect hall floor. Furthermore, we are aware of safety issues and are happy to be on the safe side. You can see this in the danger zones which are completely shielded, for example, with protective grids. Of course, our clever online  lifting and conveyor technology configurator will also help you in the "high lift truck" equipment class. The high lift trucks are, by the way, the most common basic model for our  special constructions.


lift truck

The range pallet truck is logically subdivided according to its intended use. Every relevant variant is offered in fork lengths, fork widths, lifting loads and equipment material, such as stainless steel for the food industry. For ergonomic reasons, the scissor lift trucks are an excellent choice for order picking in the retail trade or for assembly and production in the production industry. The Weighing platform trucks are subdivided especially according to the equipment of the weighing technology. Pay attention here to the tolerances and equipment, e.g. calibration capability and printer. All types of lift trucks can be freely selected with any type of rollers. The Rollers and Wheels Advisor will give you the right advice as to which roller equipment is best suited to your requirements.


Lift tables

Lift tables are characterised by the fact that the lifting load is supported by a table top. The models are available in manual or electrical design. For other load capacities, in addition to the roller conveyor version, the department for special constructions is also available here.