BF-L low lift pallet truck

Niederflurhubwagen BF-L

Low lift pallet truck up to 1500 kg load capacity

With the low lift pallet truck, you can already lift from a fork height of 35 mm, and lift up to 1,500 kg.
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  • Load capacity depending on model: 1,000 or 1,500 kg
  • Max. lifting height depending on model: 110 or 145 mm
  • Load centre distance: 600 mm
  • Load distance depending on model: 930 or 825 mm
  • Fork outer distance depending on model: 520 or 540 mm
  • Low fork height
  • Entry height depending on model: 35 or 55 mm
  • Suitable for disposable pallets and special pallets
  • High-quality tandem rollers
  • OPTIONAL: With food grade H1 oil

The BF-L low lift pallet truck

The BF-L low lift pallet truck is ideal for disposable pallets, displays or special pallets. Choose between two load capacities and two fork heights of 35 mm 51 mm. Thanks to the low fork heights, the BF-L low lift pallet truck can easily move into low pallets and move them without any problems.

The Bf-L is available in two capaceties. The BF-L1000 lifts up to 1,000 kg and has a minimum fork height of 35 mm. The BF-L1500 lifts 1,500 kg with a minimum fork height of 55 mm.


Roller equipment

The low lift pallet truck is equipped with polyurethane rollers (PU). They are low-noise, abrasion-resistant and have ideal traction.


Technical specifications


BF-L1000 BF-L1500
Feature 35 mm fork height 51 mm fork height
Load capacity (kg) 1,000 kg 1,500 kg
Tyres Steel fork castors and PU swivel castors Polyurethane
Operation Hand Hand
Lifting height (mm) 110 145
Minimum fork height (mm) 35 55
Lift (mm) 85 90
Laod distance (mm) 930 825
Total length (mm) 1,525 1,525
Total width (mm) 520 540
Fork dimensions (LxWxH) (mm) 1,150/150/30 1,150/160/35
Distance between forks (mm) 520 540
Turning radius (mm) 1,385 1,425
Weight (kg) 80 82