NHT tilt lift tables

Tilt angle up to 45° with load capacity up to 600 kg

The tilt function of the E-NHT series manual tilt lift tables makes it possible to tilt crates and boxes, making them easier to fill or empty.
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  • Ergonomic working up to a 45° tilt angle
  • Ideal for loading and unloading of crates and boxes in production and warehouses
  • Up to 600 kg load capacity
  • With locking brake on the right swivel castor
  • High-quality polyurethane castors ensure smooth running on all flat surfaces

NHT tilt lift tables

The manual NHT series tilt lift tables provide support when loading, filling or unloading machines or racks in production, manufacturing or warehouses. Raising the goods to a convenient working height protects your back and promotes ergonomics at the workplace.

The NHT series tilt lift tables have a tilt function of up to 45°, which provides even more relief for operating personnel and makes it easy to fill or unload crates or boxes.


Technical specifications


NHT150 NHT400 NHT600
Features Manual Manual Manual
Load capacity (Q) 150 kg 400 kg 600 kg
Lift range (h) 415-880/1400 mm 465 - 1125 mm 440-1000/1570 mm
Tilt angle (c) 45° 45° 45°
Table dimensions (l/w) 748/500 mm 830/520 mm 830/520 mm
Handle height (b) 1,100 mm 1,130 mm 1,130 mm
Total weight (kg) 92 kg 123 kg 145 kg