E-NHT mobile lift table


Tilt up to 45° with load capacity up to 600 kg

E-NHT series tilt lift tables raise and lower the table platform in parallel. As a result, the platform is also tilted with the first stroke, until it reaches its maximum height and tilt.
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  • Electric powered lifting and lowering
  • Ergonomic working up to a 45° tilt angle
  • Ideal for loading and unloading of crates and boxes in production and warehouses
  • Up to 600 kg load capacity
  • With locking brake on the right swivel castor
  • Integrated charger
  • Removable control unit with approx. 3 m lead
  • High-quality polyurethane castors ensure smooth running on all flat surfaces

E-NHT tilt lift tables

E-NHT series tilt lift tables are particularly suitable for feeding machines in production, and for order picking. The tilt function of the E-NHT makes it possible to tilt crates and boxes, making them easier to fill or empty. The control unit of the tilt lift tables is removable and equipped with an approx. 3 m long lead. E-NHT series tilt lift tables facilitate ergonomic working. Simply lift the goods to a comfortable height. A locking brake is installed on the right swivel castor. Electric powered lifting and lowering up to 600 kg with E-NHT series tilt lift tables. High-quality polyurethane castors ensure the smooth running of the E-NHT tilt lift tables on all flat surfaces.

E-NHT series tilt lift tables can be recharged at any socket.



Technical specifications


E-NHT300 E-NHT600
Features Electric powered lifting Electric powered lifting
Load capacity (Q) 300 kg 600 kg
Lift range (h) 500-1000/1620 mm 500-1000/1620 mm
Tilt angle (c) 45° 45°
Table dimensions (l/w) 830/520 mm 830/520 mm
Handle height (b) 1,180 1,180
Lift speed (mm/s) 105/158 mm 105/158 mm
Lift motor (kW) 0.8 0.8
Battery capacity (V/Ah) 12/75 12/75
Charger intern intern
Service weight (kg) 170 kg 185 kg