Multiple pallet fork for forklift trucks


Multiple pallet forks for quick loading and unloading of pallets.

Lift multiple pallets at the same time.With multiple pallet forks, you can easily expand the number of forks from two to four.
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  • Features


  • For handling one or more pallets at the same time
  • Up to eight-way brackets available for handling up to eight pallets at the same time
  • For the supported handling of particularly wide pallets
  • Significantly higher handling performance
  • Particularly suitable for use in breweries, the beverage trade and the beverage industry

Multiple pallet fork for forklift trucks

Time is of major importance when loading and unloading lorries or containers with a forklift truck. Using the multiple pallet forks, also called fixed fork spreaders, it is possible to lift two pallets at the same time and thereby significantly increase the handling performance of your forklift truck. The integrated sideshift provides assistance with the precise and secure lifting and setting down of goods with the forklift truck. This characteristic means that the multiple pallet fork is particularly popular in breweries, the packaging industry or with beverage wholesale distributors.
The open construction provides an optimum field of vision from the forklift truck, so that the truck and the goods can be handled without being damaged. The hydraulic cylinders are arranged for easy maintenance and the reinforced fork carrier frame ensures high stability and a long service life.