MSH machine lift


Machine lift for industrial machines up to 10 t

The MSH machine lift excels through the secure way it jacks up machines.
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  • Secure jacking up of machines
  • Rigid claw prevents slipping
  • Foldable crank
  • Practical handles for transport

The MSH machine lift

The machine lifts have a very solid build quality. The crank can be fixed in place with a gear ring. The crank can be folded for transport.


Technical specifications


MSH1500 MSH3000 MSH5000 MSH10000
Load capacity (Q) 1,500 kg 3,000 kg 5,000 kg 10,000 kg
Lift height 350 mm 350 mm 300 mm 390 mm
Overall height 725 mm 725 mm 725 mm 800 mm