MH200 mechanical lifter


Easy lifting with the foot pedal

The MH200 mechanical lifter excels because of its effortless lifting with the foot pedal, and its controlled, stepless lowering. The mechanical lifter is ideal for the retail trade, due to its load capacity up to 200 kg and its dimensions.
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  • Load capacity: 200 kg
  • Max. lifting height: 130 mm
  • Load centre distance: 290 mm
  • Load distance: 460 mm
  • Fork outer distance: 220 mm
  • Force-saving lifting via the foot pedal
  • Dosed, stepless lowering possible
  • Castor equipment: Polyurethane (PU)

The MH200 mechanical lifter

The MH200 mechanical lifter was specially designed as a display pallet lifter for use in the retail trade. Light displays and quarter pallets can be lifted and positioned conveniently and easily with the MH200 lifter, using the foot pedal.



Roll equipment


The steering and fork wheels are made of polyurethane (PU). They are low-noise, abrasion-resistant and have excellent traction.


Technical specifications


Features Mechanical lifting
Load capacity (kg) 200
Drive Manual
Lift range (mm) 85 - 130
Lift (mm) 45
Load centre distance (mm) 290
Load distance (mm) 460
Total length (mm) 920
Total width (mm) 510
Fork length (mm) 580
Outer fork distance (mm) 210
Turning radius (mm) 850
Tyres Polyurethane
Operation Hand
Minimum fork height (mm) 85
Total weight (kg) 22