Load hook for forklift trucks


Load hook for forks - for locking on the forks.

Quick and safe installation. The load hook is installed quickly and easily, by simply pushing it on the forks of the respective forklift truck and locking it to the forks with screw rods.
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  • Features
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  • With 2,500 kg load capacity
  • For forks with width up to 147 mm and 56 mm height
  • With swivel load hook, so load can swing freely and is more easily controlled
  • Screw fixings for both forks
  • For a fork inside distance of 300 mm
  • Solid, heavy build quality with 25 kg service weight

Load hook for forklift trucks

The load hook can simply be pushed onto the forks of a forklift truck, reach truck or electric powered pallet stacker and quickly and safely locked in place with the T-screws supplied. It is suitable for forks up to a width of 147 mm and a height of 56 mm. The fork inside distance should be 300 mm.

Technical specifications


Overall length 140 mm
Overall width 660 mm
Fork inside distance 300 mm
Max. fork width/entry width 147 mm
Max. fork height  56 mm
Service weight (kg)  25 kg