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The HanseLifter brand is a registered trademark of, and is distributed by, GESUTRA GmbH


Straubinger Straße 20
28219 Bremen, Germany

+49 (0)421 3 36 36 - 0
+49 (0)421 3 36 36 - 110


Managing Director: Dr. Jörg Lührs

Commercial register:Local court Bremen, HRB 23754HB


VAT ID No. acc. to § 27a of German Turnover Tax Act: DE 114 703 633

ILN Identification No.: ILN 42 6015112 000 2

Person responsible for content according to §6 MDStV (German Interstate Media Services Agreement): Dr. Jörg Lührs


All electric devices are officially registered with the German National Register for Waste Electric Equipment (Stiftung EAR) according to the German Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act (ElektroG). WEEE Reg. No. DE 44935883

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