SDJ10 stacker trucks


For stacking and unstacking of pallets

The SDJ10 series manual stacker trucks with a 1.5 t load capacity and a max. lift height of up to 3,000 mm. The SDJ10 series is particularly suitable for the occasional stacking and unstacking of pallets and other general cargo.
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  • Load capacity of 1.0 t
  • Lift heights up to 3.0 m
  • Manual lifting, using tiller or foot pedal
  • Overload protection
  • Stepless, adjustable lowering, using the hand lever at the tiller handle
  • 40 mm ground clearance for uneven floors
  • Sturdy handles for easy handling
  • Both swivel castors equipped with locking brake for secure positioning
  • Load backrest and frame screen for maximum safety
  • Optional: Also available with platform or trough attachments
  • Optional: With load control system for direct weighing of pallets or general cargo

SDJ10 stacker trucks

Due to their purely manual drive, SDJ10 series stacker trucks are operational practically all the time and offer cost-effective service and maintenance. The mast of the SDJ10 series is very easy to lift hydraulically, using the hand tiller or the foot pedal. The SDJ10 series stacker trucks feature stepless lowering with the hand lever.

Easy running polyurethane castors with high-quality ball bearings make the stacker trucks easy to manoeuvre and particularly easy to handle. The SDJ1012, SDJ1016, SDJ1025 and SDJ1030 models have a particularly high ground clearance of 40 mm, making them easy to drive even on uneven floors.

The SDJ10 manual stacker trucks are equipped with locking brakes on both swivel castors, which guarantee secure positioning of the stacker during lifting and lowering, or when stopping on upward or downward slopes.

A range of optional platform or trough attachments for the manual stacker trucks are also available from HanseLifter. You can find a selection here.


Technical specifications

Model SDJ1012 SDJ1016 SDJ1016-800 SDJ1025 SDJ1030
Load capacity 1,000 kg 1,000 kg 1,000 kg 1,000 kg 1,000 kg
Lift range 90 mm - 1,200 mm 90 mm - 1,600 mm 90 mm - 1,600 mm 90 mm - 2500 mm 90 mm - 3,000 mm
Free lift 1,085 mm 1,440 mm 1,440 mm 330 mm 330 mm
Overall height (lowered) 1,720 mm 1,980 mm 1,980 mm 1,845 mm 2,090 mm
Overall height (lifted) 1,750 mm 2,080 mm 2,080 mm 3,000 mm 3,505 mm
Fork dimensions (l/w/h) 1,150/170/55 mm 1,150/170/55 mm 800/170/55 mm 1,150/170/55 mm 1,150/170/55 mm
Outer distance between forks (b) 550 mm 550 mm 550 mm 550 mm 550 mm
Overall length (l) 1,705 mm 1,705 mm 1,705mm 1,705 mm 1,705 mm
Overall width (w) 755 mm 755 mm 755 mm 860 mm 860 mm
Turning radius (WA) 1,400 mm 1,400 mm 1,045 mm 1,400 mm 1,400 mm
Service weight 200 kg 230 kg 205 kg 276 kg 316 kg