HWHH manual winch stacker


Compact and agile

The HWHH is a manual winch stacker with a platform and adjustable forks. It is easy to manoeuvre, even in confined spaces.
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  • Load capacity 80 kg or 150 kg
  • Compact and agile, easy to manoeuvre even in confined spaces
  • Incl. removable platform
  • Adjustable forks
  • Manual fork adjusters, steplessly adjustable
  • Ideal for displays, half and special pallets
  • Manual winch system for simple lifting
  • Rubberised handles for easy operation

HWHH manual winch stacker

The HWHH series manual winch stackers are particularly suited for use in the most confined spaces, due to their good manoeuvrability. The platform supplied can be removed quickly and easily at any time. The HWHH manual winch stacker has many versatile uses, due to its manual fork adjuster. Perfect for half pallets and special pallets.

Pallets, as well as the work platform supplied can be easily lifted to the desired working height with the manual winch system, which facilitates ergonomic working.


Technical specifications

Model HWHH80 HWHH150
Features Manual winch Manual winch
Load capacity (Q) 80 kg 150 kg
Lift range (h) 70 - 1,100 mm 70 - 1,100 mm
Free lift (h) 910 mm 910 mm
Fork dimensions (l/w/h) 500/30/50 mm 500/30/50 mm
Outer distance between forks (b) 130 - 520 mm 130 - 500 mm
Mast height (h) 1,475 mm 1,475 mm
Overall length (l) 865 mm 865 mm
Overall width (w) 580 mm 580 mm
Service weight 52 kg 62 kg