HH5t pallet truck


5000 kg load capacity

A heavy duty pallet truck suitable for the transport of heavy loads and machines.
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  • Load capacity: 5,000 kg
  • Max. lifting height: 200 mm
  • Load centre distance: 600 mm
  • Fork outer distance: 580 mm
  • Manual lifting-procedure
  • Dosed, stepless lowering at the hand lever
  • Pallet truck for the transport of heahy loads
  • Steering wheels and tandem fork rollers made of steel
  • Extra reinforced forks and frame parts
  • High-performance hydraulic pump with pressure relief valve for a long service life
  • Ideal for transporting heavy loads or machines.
  • OPTIONAL: With food grade H1 oil

HH5t hand pallet truck

The HH5t is the first pallet truck with a load capacity of 5,000 kg in the HanseLifter portfolio, which is ideally suited for heavy loads. This makes the device suitable for transporting machines and very heavy loads. The steel rollers ensure a high load capacity of the machine.


Roller equipment

The steel rollers give the HH5t pallet truck the necessary stability for shear loads.


Technical specifications


Load capacity (kg) 5,000
Operation Hand
Lift range (mm) 90-200
Lift (mm) 110
Load centre distance (mm) 600
Load distance (mm) 460
Total length (mm) 1,565
Total width (mm) 600
Fork length (mm) 1,150
Distance between forks (mm) 580
Turning radius (mm) 1,370
Tyres Steel
Minimum fork height (mm) 90
Weight (kg) 192