BF pallet truck


The industry standard up to 2.5 t load capacity

The BF pallet truck is designed for long-term use in operations and warehouses.
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  • Load capacity: 2,500 kg
  • Maximum lifting height: 200 mm
  • Load centre distance: 600 mm
  • Fork outer distance: 520 mm
  • Reinforced lifting drawbar
  • Rubberized drawbar handle
  • Various castor equipment: polyurethane (PU), nylon or rubber
  • Tandem fork castors and input castors for easy pallet pick-up
  • Grease nipple for easy maintenance
  • Reinforced frame for continuous use
  • Running-in marking for pallet cross reception

The BF pallet truck

The BF series hand pallet trucks are the bestsellers of HanseLifter. They are specially developed for long-term continuous use in industry and production, they help to move pallets more easily. The BF pallet truck convinces you with its high quality components. With a load capacity of 2,500 kg and a fork length of 1,150 mm, the BF pallet truck is the standard device for transporting EURO pallets in warehouses and factories. The rubberized drawbar handle provides a pleasant grip when moving pallets. The pallet can be lowered steplessly via the lever on the drawbar. The reinforced drawbar and the reinforced frame ensure a long service life. Grease nipples help with maintenance. The markings on the forks make it easier to pick up pallets crosswise. The BF is equipped as standard with tandem fork rollers and input and output rollers.


Choose your rollers!

You can order the BF pallet truck with different rollers. You can choose between polyurethane (PU) rollers, nylon rollers or rubber rollers. Each roller selection has its own advantages.

Polyuthetane rollers, also called PU rollers, are low-noise, abrasion-resistant and have good traction. They also roll easily over uneven surfaces and are a good compromise between smooth running and rolling resistance. PU rollers are suitable for sensitive and hard floors.

Nylon rollers run very smoothly and have a hard and abrasion-resistant running surface. They are less noisy but extremely wear resistant and protected against chemical stress. Nylon rollers are particularly suitable for heavy loads and smooth floors.

Rubber rollers are very quiet and offer good adhesion. Due to their soft running surface, chalking is possible. Rubber rollers are particularly suitable for uneven and wet floors or on ramps.


Technical specifications


Load capacity (kg) 2,500
Tyres Polyurethane
Operation Manual
Lifting height (mm) 200
Minimum fork height (mm) 85
Lift (mm) 115
Lift per drawbar stroke (mm) Approx. 15
Load distance (mm) 855
Total length (mm) 1,535
Total width (mm) 520
Fork dimensions (LxWxH) (mm) 1,150/160/50
Fork outer distance (mm) 520
Turning radius (mm) 1,425
Weight (kg) 77