BF-Z pallet truck, galvanised

BF-Z verzinkt

Electrogalvanised to protect against corrosion

The fully galvanised BF-Z pallet truck is ideal for cleanrooms or chemical exposure.
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  • Load capacity 2,000 kg
  • Fully electrogalvanised, ideal for cleanrooms or chemical exposure
  • Sealed high quality hydraulic pump with pressure relief valve for a long service life
  • NYLON swivel castors and tandem fork castors as standard
  • Entry and exit castors for easy picking up of pallets
  • Controlled, stepless lowering with the hand lever

BF-Z pallet truck, galvanised

The BF-Z pallet truck is corrosion resistant even when exposed to bad weather conditions, because it is fully electrogalvanised. The pump element of the galvanised pallet truck has additional protection against weather effects. The pallet truck is supplied with resilient nylon swivel castors and fork castors as standard and is equipped with entry and exit castors for easy picking up of pallets. Controlled, stepless lowering of the pallet truck is possible at the handle. Electrogalvanised, the perfect pallet truck for hospitals.


Technical specifications


Features galvisch verzinkt
Load capacity (Q) 2,000 kg
Lift range (h) 85 mm - 200 mm
Fork dimensions (l/w/h) 1,150/160/60 mm
Outer distance between forks (b) 540 mm
Turning radius (Wa) 1,425 mm
Total weight (kg) 74 kg