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Forklift trucks

Forklift truck


The right truck for every application - safe, reliable and economical!

The HanseLifter forklift truck program provides you with a wide range of products for many different areas of application. It includes reach trucks, electric powered trucks, diesel powered trucks and fuel gas powered trucks in various versions and with a range of equipment. The HLSM series reach trucks are available with lift heights up to 7.5 m. In addition to several special models in various equipment levels, we can also provide you with individually assembled trucks. Would you prefer to rent a forklift truck? High-quality rental trucks can be found here!


HLSM reach trucks

Compact, reliable and economical reach trucks with compact dimensions, load capacities up to 2.0 t and lift heights up to 7500 mm.

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HL3ES three-wheel electric powered trucks

Compact design, excellent manoeuvrability and a powerful AC synchronous drive. With load capacities up to 2.0 t and lift heights up to 6,500 mm.

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HLES electric powered trucks

An efficient three-phase drive, DANAHER AC technology and WERBAT quality batteries with Aquamatic - for load capacities up to 5.0 t and lift heights up to 6,500 mm.

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HLGS fuel gas powered trucks

Environmentally friendly fuel gas powered truck with modern IMPCO system and load capacities from 1.0 to 7.0 tons.

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HLDS diesel powered trucks

Strong diesel trucks for use outdoors, with load capacities up to 5 t and many options.

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HLDS heavy duty diesel powered truck

Powerful diesel powered trucks with a load capacity up to 10 t. Ideal for handling goods with high tonnage.

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Accessory equipment for forklift trucks

Flexible solutions for forklift trucks - weighing systems, fork adjusters, load hooks, fork extensions, etc.

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Gas, electric or diesel forklift trucks - the choice is yours

The compact HL3ES three-wheeler models are suitable for use in confined spaces. With a working aisle width of less than 3.2 m, you can also work in narrow aisles without any problems. You can order the electric four-wheel models of the HLES series with load capacities of up to 5.0 tonnes. All electric forklifts are equipped with modern AC three-phase AC technology, which is low-wearing and low-maintenance. HLDS range diesel engine models and HLGS range LPG drive models are designed for outdoor use or combined outdoor and indoor use.



Forklift trucks with powerful engines and clear controls

The modern exhaust gas purification systems reduce the emission load to the legal values for use in the hall. Thanks to powerful engines, HanseLifter forklifts achieve a high torque even at low speeds. Clearly arranged operating elements ensure simple and instinctive handling. High-quality hydraulic components ensure greater safety and reliability. Solid workmanship and good safety equipment are standard features of HanseLifter.

With six different basic models in hundreds of equipment and vehicle variants, we offer a solution for every application. Whether LPG or diesel forklift truck.