SDJ-FW drum turner

Easy lifting and tilting of drums

The SDJ-FW drum turner is constructed according to the same principle as the SFJ stacker truck. It can be lifted easily and with little effort using the foot lever or the tiller, and steplessly lowered again with the handle. And all with the proven HanseLifter quality.
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  • Effortless lifting, manoeuvring, tilting and emptying of 208 l DIN drums.
  • Complete emptying due to 180° tilt angle
  • Wide cantilever arm distance for driving around pallet and picking up drums directly
  • Easy lifting using the hand tiller or foot pedal

SDJ-FW drum turner

The SDJ-FW drum turner and drum lifter is a practical aid for workshop tasks. The swivel and tilt mechanism makes it possible to tilt 208 l drums easily, so they can be emptied in a controlled fashion. The tilt angle of up to 180° ensures that the drum can be emptied completely.

The wide cantilever arm distance of the drum turner makes it possible to lift drums directly from a Euro pallet.


Technical specifications


Load capacity (Q) 350 kg
Barrel types 280l DIN
Mast height 2,310 mm / 1,960 mm
Lift (lower edge of drum) 1,425 mm
Clear chassis width 885 mm
Service weight (kg) 162 kg