SDJ-FW drum turner

Easy lifting and tilting of drums

The SDJ-FW drum turner is constructed according to the same principle as the SFJ stacker truck. It can be lifted easily and with little effort using the foot lever or the tiller, and steplessly lowered again with the handle. And all with the proven HanseLifter quality.
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  • 208 litre DIN drums can be effortlessly lifted, tilted and emptied
  • Load capacity: 400 kg
  • Complete emptying due to 180° angle of inclination
  • Easy lifting via the drawbar or foot pedal
  • Parking brakes on both castors
  • Wide support spacing for moving around pallets and directly picking up barrels

The SDJ-FW drum turner

Our drum turner SDJ-FW enables easy and comfortable working with 208 litre DIN drums. It is a practical helper when working in the warehouse, in the workshop or in the private sector. Versatile in use, our SDJ-FW drum turner convinces with its extensive functionality and ensures fast handling of your drums. With the SDJ-FW, 208 litre DIN drums can be effortlessly lifted, manoeuvred or tilted. Easy-running polyurethane rollers with high-quality ball bearings make the SDJ-FW drum turner easy to handle.


Flexible mounting and positioning

The wide support spacing is used to drive around EURO pallets and directly hold 208 litre DIN drums. Of course, the 208 litre DIN drums can also be picked up and transported directly from the ground on the SDJ-FW drum turner. 208 litre DIN drums are not only picked up but also positioned.

Simple operation and high safety

The SDJ-FW drum turner can lift and lower drums conveniently and steplessly with the pedal or drawbar. With the swiwel and tilt mechanism of the drum turner it can lift, move and empty drums that are up to 350 kg. This is done via a crank close to the drawbar. Parking brakes on both swiwel castors guarantee a safe stand of the machine when lifting and lowering or when stopping briefly on ramps and inclines. The result is a simple and convenient handling of your working processes with drums.


Roller equipment

The SDJ-FW drum turner is equipped with high-quality polyurethane rollers. They are low-noise, abrasion-resistant and have good traction, which is ideal for sensitive surfaces or hard floors. This makes it easy to move even heavy barrels.

The SDJ-FW drum turner is not the right devicce for you?

We offer you a wide range of high-quality lifting and conveying technology. For optimal working with drums you can find other drum handling products beside the SDJ-FW. If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us at the telephone number above or send us an e-mail.


Technical specifications


Load capacity (kg) 400
Drum types 280l DIN
Height of mast (mm) 2,040 / 2,530
Free lift (mm) 1,530
Total length (mm) 1,470
Total width (mm) 1,260
Width between wheel arms (mm) 910
External distance of the wheel arms (mm) 1,010
Service brake Parking brake
Drum tilting (degrees) 330
Weight (kg) 215