FL350 drum lifter

For 60 l und 208 l DIN drums

Easy lifting, moving and emptying of standard DIN drums.
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  • Feature: For 60 litre and 208 litre DIN drums
  • Load capacity: 350 kg
  • Easy and force-saving lifting via the foot pump
  • Stepless lowering at the hand lever
  • Parking brake
  • Possibility to drive over EURO pallets
  • Self-closing gripping mechanism
  • High-quality polyurethane castors

The FL350 drum lifter

The FL350 drum lifter from Hanselifter ensures easy and comfortable working with 208 litre or 60 litre DIN drums. The FL350 drum lifter has a wide range of functions and can be used for a wide variety of applications, ensuring that your work processes are completed quickly.


Flexible pick-up and positioning

With the angled load carriers, you can also drive the FL350 drum lifter over corners to pallets or collecting trays and thus work effectively even when there is little manoeuvring space. Of course, the FL350 drum lifter can also pick up drums directly from the floor or drive over euro pallets by up to half. With the FL350 drum lifter, drums can not only be picked up from corners but also positioned.

Easy handling with drums

Your barrels are lifted easily and without strain by a foot pump. They are lowered steplessly by a lever on the handle.  The barrels mentioned above can also be fixed with a self-closing gripping mechanism. The standard parking brake prevents the drum lifter from rolling away. The result is a simple and convenient handling of your work processes with drums.


Roller equipment

The FL350 drum lifter is equipped with high-quality polyurethane rollers. These are low-noise, abrasion-resistant and have good traction, which is ideal for sensitive surfaces or hard floors. This makes it easy to move even heavy drums.


The FL350 drum lifter is not the right device for you?

We offer you a wide range of high-quality lifting and conveying technology. For an optimal working with drums you will find besides the FL350 drum lifter further great drum handling products. If you have any questions or suggestions, please call us at the above telephone number or send us an e-mail.



Technical specifications


Load capacity (kg) 350 kg
Drm types 60 l and 280 l DIN
Load distance (mm) 500
Tires Polyurethane
Drum pick up min./ max. 820 - 1415
Max. lifting height (drum lower edge) (mm) 535
Total length (mm) 1,010
Total width (mm) 1,120
Lift per lift stroke (mm) approx. 25
Undercarriage height of wheel arms (mm) 230
Width between wheel arms (mm) 480 - 960
Turning radius (mm) 1,060
Weight (kg) 165