FWH drum truck

Fasshubwagen FWH

For 208 l DIN drums

HanseLifter FWH drum trucks help to make work simple and comfortable, by making it easy to lift and move steel corrugated drums. Up to 365 kg load capacity.
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  • Easy lifting and moving of steel corrugated drums
  • Up to 365 kg load capacity
  • Lifting using the hand tiller
  • Continuous lowering with the hand lever
  • Equipped with high-quality nylon castors
  • Automatic gripping and lifting mechanism

FWH drum truck

The drum clamp is open when it is lowered and is closed by pumping with the tiller. When the clamp is closed, the drum is lifted with each additional pumping action. The fast and efficient transport of drums is ensured because the drum does not have to be locked in place manually.


Technical specifications


Load capacity (Q) 365 kg
Barrel types 60l and 208l DIN
Lift (lower edge of drum) 85 mm
Service weight (kg) 53 kg