FWH drum truck

Fasshubwagen FWH

For 208 l DIN drums

HanseLifter FWH drum trucks help to make work simple and comfortable, by making it easy to lift and move steel corrugated drums. Up to 365 kg load capacity.
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  • Feature: For 208l DIN drums
  • Load capacity: 365 kg
  • Easy lifting via the foot pump
  • Automatic gripping and lifting mechanism
  • Lifting over the hand drawbar
  • Stepless lowering at the hand lever
  • High-quality powder coating
  • High-quality nylon roll equipment
  • Ideal for processing steel beaded drums

The FWH drum truck

Our FHW drum truck enables easy and comfortable working with 208 litre DIN drums. Diverse in use, our FHW drum truck convinces with its extensive functionality and fast handling of your drums.


Accurately fitting 208 litre drum capacity

Due to the precisely fitting device of the drum lifting truck, 208 litre DIN drums can be safely picked up and transported. The FHW drum truck is not palletisable, which means that drums can only be picked up directly from the floor but not from drums that have already been palletised.


Easy operation of the FHW drum truck

The combined gripping and lifting mechanism clamps and lifts the 208 litre DIN drum directly from the ground with the drawbar at every stroke. The drum is fixed quickly and securely and can be easily transported with our drum lifting truck. A further locking of the drum is not necessary. When the drum is lowered via a drawbar lever, the clamp is automatically released again. The result is a simple and convenient handling of your work processes with drums.


Roller equipment

The FHW drum lifting truck is equipped with high-quality nylon rollers. These are very easy running and have a hard, abrasion-resistant running surface. Tey are less noiseless but wear resistant instead, also against chemical load. Suitable for heavy loads and smooth floors. This makes it easy to move even heavy drums.


The FHW drum truck is not the right device for you?

We offer you a wide range of high-quality lifting and and conveying technology. For an optimal work conditions with drums you can find other great drum handling products besides our truck. If you have any questions or suggestions, please call us at the telephone number above or send us an e-mail.


Technical specifications


Load capacity (kg) 365
Drum types 60l and 208l DIN
Tyres Nylon
Max. lifting height (drum lower edge) (mm) 85
Total length (mm) 1022
Total width (mm) 722
Lift per drawbar stroke (mm) Approx. 11
Turning radius (mm) 1040
Weight (kg) 53