FHR300 drum lifter/transporter

Fassheberoller FHR300

Easy lifting of 208 l DIN drums

The FHR300 drum lifter/transporter excels with its high build quality and its simple handling. Drums can be easily lifted from Euro pallets due to the wide distance between the cantilever arms.
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  • Feature: Easy lifting and moving of 208l DIN drums
  • Load capacity: 300 kg
  • Force-saving lifting via the foot pedal
  • Dosed discharge via a rotary knob
  • Parking brake on the swivel castor
  • High-quality powder coating
  • Self-closing gripping mechanism
  • Polyurethane steering and fork castors
  • Wide jib spacing for moving around pallets and directly picking up drums

The FHR300 drum lifter/transporter

With our FHR300 drum lifter you can work easily and comfortably with 208 litre DIN drums. Our FHR300 drum lifter convinces with its extensive functionality and simplifies your drum handling processes.


Flexible pick-up and positioning of drums

Thanks to the wide jib distance from our drum lifter, it is no problem to drive around EURO pallets. In addition, it enables 208 litre DIN drums to be picked up directly from pallets. Of course, the 208 litre DIN drums can also be picked up and transported directly from the floor with the FHR300 drum lifter. It is also possible to position 208 litre DIN drums with the drum lifter.


Simple operation

The combined gripping and lifting mechanism clamps and lifts the 208 litre DIN drum directly from the ground with the drawbar at every stroke. This fixes the drum quickly and securely for easy transport. A further locking of the drum is not necessary. The clamp is released again when the drum is lowered via a rotary knob. With the standard parking brake of our FHR300 drum lifter it always has a firm stand. The result is a simple and convenient handling of your work processes with drums.


Roller equipment

Our FHR300 drum lifter is equipped with high-quality polyurethane rollers. These are low-noise, abrasion-resistant and have good traction, which is ideal for sensitive surfaces or hard floors. This makes it easy to move even heavy drums.


The FHR300 drum lifter is not the right device for you?

We offer you a wide range of high-quality lifting and conveying equipment. For optimal work conditions with drums you can find other great drum handling devices beside our drum lifter. I you have any questions or suggestions, please call us at the telephone number above or send us an e-mail.


Technical specifications


Load capacity (kg) 300
Drum types 208l DIN
Load distance (mm) 340
Polyurethane Yes
Drum pick-up min./max. (mm) 850 / 1700
Max. lifting height (drum lower edge) (mm) 800
Total length (mm) 1160
Total width (mm) 980
Lift per drawbar stroke (mm) approx. 35
Undercarriage height of the wheel arms (mm) 90
Width between the wheel arms (mm) 830
Turning radius (mm) 1170
Weight (kg) 75