E-20PL-AC electric powered pallet truck


Ideal as a walk-behind or ride-on unit over medium and long distances

With powerful AC three-phase AC drive motor for best handling performance


The E-20PL-AC electronic pallet truck or pedestrian is designed for handling goods in warehouses. Perfect as a pedestrian. With a load capacity of 2,000 kg and its ride-on platform, palletized goods can be transported quickly and effortlessly using the ride-on device.
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  • load capacity: 2,000 kg
  • max. lifting height: 200 mm
  • load centre distance: 982 kg
  • load distance: 600 mm
  • powerful and low maintenance AC motor
  • two speed modes for pedestrian oder driving operation
  • driving speed up to 8.5 km/h as standard
  • safe cornering even at higher speeds
  • drive platform and side bar as standard (can be folded for pedestrian operation)
  • multifunctional drawbar head
  • ergonomic hand part, suitable for both left- and right-handed users
  • CURTIS control, BUCHER pump
  • integrated charger with automatic switch-off
  • automatic brake prevents the electric pallet truck from rolling away on inclines
  • battery level indicator and operating hours counter
  • high-quality polyurethane rollers for quiet and safe movement
  • tandem rollers

E-20PL-AC electric powered pallet truck

The low lift pallet truck or walk-behind unit is equipped with a maintenance-free AC three-phase drive motor. This allows the low lift pallet truck to achieve a higher handling performance and 15% better efficiency than comparable electric powered low lift pallet truck models with DC shunt technology. With its 2.2 kW capacity, the DC lift motor is also nearly three times as strong as the motors of other electric powered pallet trucks. The electric powered low lift pallet truck is equipped with high-quality, waterproof AMP connectors. The ergonomic tiller head of the electric powered low lift pallet truck is equipped with all controls on both sides. Perfect for loading and unloading of lorries and containers.

The E-20PL-AC walk-behind low lift pallet truck offers a driving speed of 5.3 mph up, which can be increased to 12 km/h on request. As a result, these so-called walk-behind or ride-on units achieve a particularly high handling performance when order picking, moving, or when loading and unloading palletised goods.




Technical specifications


Load capacity 2,000kg
Lift range 85 mm - 200 mm
Overall dimensions (l/w) 1,880 mm/730 mm
Fork dimensions (l/w/h) 1,150/170/70 mm
Outer distance between forks 540 mm
Turning radius 1,710 mm
Working aisle width (800x1200 mm, across) 2,085 mm
Speed 5.3 mph optional up to 7.5 mph
Lift speed (min/max) 56/60 mm/s
Drive motor 1.5 kW (AC)
Lift motor 2.2 kW (DC)
Battery voltage 24 V / 210 Ah / optional 24 V / 36 Ah
Total weight 645 kg

Technische Daten


features pedestrian or driving operation
load capacity (kg) 2000
lifting range (mm) 85 - 200
load distance (mm) 600
total length (mm) 1880
total width (mm) 730
fork length (mm) 1150
outer fork distance (mm) 540
turning radius (mm) 1651
working aisle width (mm) 2069
gradeability (with/ without load) (%) 8/16
driving speed (with/ without load) (km/h) 7,5/8,5
traction motor (AC) 1,5 kW
hoist motor (AC) 2,2 kW
battery (V/Ah) 24/210
dead weight (kg) 645