JF-NR stainless steel scissor lift pallet truck

Edelstahlscherenhubwagen JF-NR

Manual stainless steel scissor lift pallet truck

The JF-NR scissor lift pallet truck is particularly suited for use in cleanrooms and industry, due to its stainless steel fabrication (V2A).
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  • 1,000 kg load capacity
  • Lift height up to 800 mm
  • Made from stainless steel (V2A)
  • Ergonomically designed multi-function handle (lifting, lowering)
  • Hydraulic pump with telescopic ram
  • Lifting using the hand tiller
  • Controlled, continuous lowering with the hand lever
  • Reinforced tiller
  • Pressure relief valve for a long service life
  • Low-maintenance construction

JF-NR stainless steel scissor lift pallet truck

This scissor lift pallet truck is made from V2A stainless steel and therefore ideal for weather-independent use outdoors or in port facilities. It has a lift height up to 800 mm, making it possible to raise the work area to a comfortable and ergonomically useful height, e.g. for unloading. The three-stage telescopic ram makes it possible to lift even heavy loads with little effort. Once it reaches a height of 200 mm, the pallet truck locks itself and can no longer be moved.


Technical specifications


Load capacity (Q) 1,000 kg
Lift range (h) 90 mm - 800 mm
Fork length 1,170 mm
Outer distance between forks (b) 540 mm
Turning radius (Wa) 1,440 mm
Total weight (kg) 146 kg