E-BF3 Semi-electric pallet truck


Energy efficiency and high performance, the new E-BF3 is ideal for lifting and transporting pallets and goods

The modern E-BF3 electric powered low lift pallet truck excels with its compact design, powerful performance and its low minimum fork height of 75 mm. This makes it more energy efficient and easier to operate than comparable models.

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  • Features
  • Technical specifications


  • load capacity: 1,500 kg
  • max. lifting height: 200 mm
  • load centre distance: 600 mm
  • load distance: 883 mm
  • high-quality polyurethane castors
  • multifunctional drawbar head
  • low maintenance battery
  • tandem rollers
  • battery and charge level indicator
  • internal charger
  • rechargeable at any power outlet

E-BF3 Semi electric pallet truck

Our new E-BF3 Semi-electric lift truck impresses with its compact design and energy efficiency combined with high performance. The long tiller with ergonomically shaped tiller head and its own weight of just 140 kg actively contribute to the easy operation and handling of the E-BF3 semi-electric pallet truck. Whether left-handed or right-handed, the multifunctional tiller head of the E-BF3 electric pallet truck is designed for both equally and has an integrated multifunction display with charge level indicator. All control elements are easy to reach without changing hands. With the EB-F3 semi-electric lift truck, the lifting is carried out manually by pumping with the drawbar and the lowering hydraulically by a hand lever and the movement electrically. The E-BF3 thus saves battery capacity and can be used longer.


Easy handling

The new E-BF3 semi-electric lift truck is equipped with master controllers, which are designed as push-buttons. As long as the button for the respective direction is pressed, the E-BF3 moves in the desired direction. Rolling out takes place by releasing the button. To brake, press the button for the opposite direction until the E-BF3 semi-electric lift truck stops. The drive button is a safety device that prevents you from being trapped between the device and, for example, a wall. As soon as the access button is pressed, the E-BF3 semi-electric lift truck moves away from the obstacle with the forks in front. This happens as long as the access button is pressed. The new E-BF3 combines quality, energy efficiency and strong performance at a super price.


Simple charging via socket outlet

The semi-electric lift truck E-BF3 has an integrated plug and can be quickly charged at any socket.  



Technical specifications



features DC-Drive
lifting range (mm) 85 - 200
load capacity (kg) 1500
drive electric
load centre distance (mm) 883
total length (mm) 1588
total width (mm) 560
fork dimensions (LxWxH) (mm) 1150/150/50
outer fork distance (mm) 560
turning radius (mm) 1415
working aisle width (mm) 1669
gradeability (with/ without load) (%) 2/6
traction motor/ power S2 60 min. (kw) 0,65
hoist motor manual
battery (V/Ah) 24V/30
charger internal
controlling CURTIS DC
dead weight (kg) 205