E-DHD-S electric powered pallet stackers


Strong ride-on trucks with electric steering

E-DHS series electric powered pallet stackers are equipped with many extras and have a modular design. You can chose between a range of masts, from a lift height of 3,000 mm to 5,000 mm.
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  • 1,400 kg or 1,600 kg load capacity
  • Various mast models with a lift height of up to 5,000 mm
  • Easy, electric steering of the electric powered pallet stacker
  • Two lowering speeds for precise lowering
  • Automatic roll-back protection on ramps and slopes
  • Automatic speed reduction for lift heights of 300 mm or above
  • Automatic standby function when not in use
  • Lateral battery exchange system on both sides
  • Ergonomic handset, suitable for both left-handed and right-handed users
  • Battery level indicator with operating hours counter
  • OPTIONAL: L-key for electronic access control
  • OPTIONAL: Load control system for direct weighing of pallets and goods

E-DHD electric powered pallet stackers

These new E-DHD series electric powered pallet stackers with electric steering and various extras meet almost all requirements in warehouses and operations. E-DHD series electric powered pallet stackers have effortless handling. The best prerequisites for outstanding and user-friendly operation can be achieved effortlessly with the E-DHD electric powered pallet stacker. These E-DHD series electric powered pallet stackers are suitable for both walk-behind and ride-on operation due to their simple, folding ride-on platform.

With the double-sided lateral battery exchange system, the batteries of the E-HDS electric powered pallet stacker can be removed quickly and easily. As a result, the E-DHD electric powered pallet stacker can also be used in multi-shift operations and the battery can simply be replaced as required.

The triplex mast of the E-DHT-S16 electric powered pallet stacker makes it possible to reach a full free lift of 1,600 mm and a maximum lift height of 5,000 mm. The maintenance-free, high-performance three-phase drive motors offer optimum performance and goods handling. High-quality components and a Curtis controller for ride-on operation are also included in the standard equipment.


Technical specifications

Model E-DHD-S16 E-DHT-S16
Load capacity 1,600 kg 1,600 kg
Fork dimensions (l/w/h) 1,150/185/50 mm 1,150/185/50 mm
Outer distance between forks 550 mm 550 mm
Overall dimensions (l/w) 2,050/850 mm 2,105/960 mm
Working aisle width (1,000x1,200 mm, across) 2,210 mm 2,260 mm
Turning radius 1,580 mm 1,630 mm
Drive motor 1.5 kW (AC) 1.5 kW (AC)
Speed 3.4 mph 3.4 mph
Lift motor 3.0 kW (DC) 3.0 kW (DC)
Lift speed (min/max) 130/230 mm/s 130/230 mm/s
Battery voltage 24 V / 280 Ah 24 V / 280 Ah
Total weight 1,290 kg 1,605 kg

Mast variations

Model Overall height (lowered) Overall height (lifted) Free lift Max. lift height
E-DHD-S14 u. S16 1,980 mm 3,510 mm 100 mm 3,000 mm
E-DHD-S14 u. S16 2,135 mm 3,810 mm 100 mm 3,300 mm
E-DHD-S14 u. S16 2,335 mm 4,110 mm 100 mm 3,600 mm
E-DHD-S14 u. S16 2,500 mm 4,410 mm 100 mm 4,000 mm
E-DHT-S16 2,135 mm 5,000 mm 1,600 mm 4,500 mm
E-DHT-S16 2,235 mm 5,500 mm 1,600 mm 5,000 mm