E-DH12MG electric powered pallet stacker


Modular walk-behind electric powered pallet stacker

E-DH12 series electric powered pallet stackers are specifically differentiated by their modular design. There are two basic models with a load capacity of 1.2 t which offer a choice of various masts, from a lift height of 2,700 mm to 4,200 mm.
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  • 1,200 kg load capacity
  • Up to 4,200 mm lift height
  • With 125 mm initial lift
  • Multiple pallet handling possible
  • Agile and easy to manoeuvre
  • Practical, lateral battery exchange system
  • Precision mast rollers
  • Side-mounted tiller for safe operation
  • Sensitive speed control
  • Automatic speed reduction for lift of 500 mm or above
  • Automatic standby function when not in use

E-DH12 electric powered pallet stacker

The E-DH12 series electric powered pallet stackers are characterised by excellent performance data and optional lift heights from 2500 mm to 4200 mm. The quality and safety of the electric powered pallet stacker is guaranteed by the high-quality mast profiles and precision mast rollers. Both the E-DH12-MG and the E-DH12-MGI series are equipped with low-maintenance and high-performance three-phase motors, which ensure the optimal operation and performance of the electric powered pallet stacker. The E-DH12-MGI electric model of the electric powered pallet stacker has an initial lift.

In addition, the electric powered pallet stackers are equipped with many fully automated functions that make operation even easier and safer. For example, the driving speed of the electric powered E-DH12-MG is automatically reduced when a lift height of 500 mm is exceeded, or the automatic brake of the electric powered pallet stacker engages when stopping on ramps, upward or downward slopes.

The E-DH12 MGI series models are also equipped with an initial lift of 125 mm, where the wheel arms are raised in addition. This also ensures trouble-free driving of the E-DH12-MG electric powered pallet stacker on uneven surfaces, ramps, slopes or loading bridges.


Technical specifications

Model E-DH12MG
Load capacity 1,200 kg
Lift range 100 mm - 4,200 mm
Fork dimensions (l/w/h) 1,150/170/60 mm
Outer distance between forks 550 mm
Overall dimensions (l/w) 1,830 mm / 800 mm
Working aisle width (800x1200 mm, across) 2,300 mm
Turning radius 1,460 mm
Drive motor 1.1 kW
Speed 3.4 mph
Lift motor 2.2 kW
Lift speed (min/max) 125/150 mm/s
Battery voltage 24 V / 210 Ah
Total weight 960 kg

Mast versions

Model variant Overall height h1 Free lift h2 Lift h3 + h13 Overall height h4
E-DH1225MG 1,720 mm 100 mm 2,500 mm 3,029 mm
E-DH1227MG 1,820 mm 100 mm 2,700 mm 3,229 mm
E-DH1230MG 1,970 mm 100 mm 3000 mm 3,529 mm
E-DH1233MG 2,120 mm 100 mm 3,300 mm 3,829 mm
E-DH1235MG 2,220 mm 100 mm 3,500 mm 4,029 mm
E-DH1236MG 2,270 mm 100 mm 3,600 mm 4,129 mm
E-DH1237MG 2,320 mm 100 mm 3,700 mm 4,229 mm
E-DH1239MG 2,420 mm 100 mm 3,900 mm 4,429 mm
E-DH1242MG 2,550 mm 100 mm 4,200 mm 4,689 mm
With full free lift        
E-DH1227MG-FH 1,820 mm 1,320 mm 2,700 mm 3,229 mm
E-DH1230MG-FH 1,970 mm 1,470 mm 3,000 mm 3,529 mm
E-DH1233MG-FH 2,120 mm 1,620 mm 3,300 mm 3,829 mm