E-DH10MG-E electric powered pallet stackers


Compact electric powered pallet stackers in three lift heights

The compact E-DH10-MG-E electric powered pallet stackers are easy to manoeuvre due to their long tiller arm and the short rear body dimensions and are ideally suited for unloading, handling and order picking of palletised goods.
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  • 1,000 kg load capacity
  • Up to 3,300 mm lift height
  • Agile and easy to manoeuvre
  • Precision mast rollers
  • Side-mounted tiller for safe operation
  • Sensitive speed control
  • Battery level indicator with operating hours counter
  • Ergonomic, multifunctional tiller head
  • Automatic speed reduction for lift of 500 mm or above
  • Automatic standby function when not in use
  • Low-maintenance gel battery
  • Adjustable driving parameters on request
  • Automatic brake prevents rolling away on ramps and inclines
  • OPTIONAL: L-key for electronic access control

E-DH10-MG-E electric powered pallet stacker

E-DH10-MG-E electric powered pallet stackers are equipped with numerous automatic functions that make work easier when loading and unloading, moving or order picking palletised goods. For example, the driving speed of the E-DH10-MG-E electric powered pallet stacker is automatically reduced from a lift height of 500 mm or above, and the automatic brake of the electric powered pallet stacker engages when stopping on upward or downward slopes or ramps, to prevent accidental rolling away.
The low-maintenance gel battery supplies the E-DH10-MG-E with sufficient power, and an automatic standby function when not in use prevents additional energy use. You not only work safely, but also economically with the E-DH10-MG-E electric powered pallet stacker.


Technical specifications

Model E-DH1027MG-E E-DH1030MG-E E-DH1033MG-E
Load capacity 1,000 kg 1,000 kg 1,000 kg
Lift range 85 mm - 2,700 mm 85 mm - 2,900 mm 85 mm - 2,915 mm
Fork dimensions (l/w/h) 1,150/170/60 mm 1,150/170/60 mm 1,150/170/60 mm
Outer distance between forks 560 mm 560 mm 560 mm
Overall dimensions (l/w) 1,740 mm / 800 mm 1,740 mm / 800 mm 1,740 mm / 800 mm
Overall height (min/max) 1,900/3180 mm 2,050/3480 mm 2,200/3780 mm
Working aisle width 2,150 mm 2,150 mm 2,150 mm
Turning radius 1,410 mm 1,410 mm 1,410 mm
Drive motor 0.65 kW 0.65 kW 0.65 kW
Speed 2.5 mph 2.5 mph 2.5 mph
Lift motor 2.2 kW 2.2 kW 2.2 kW
Lift speed (min/max) 120/220 mm/s 120/220 mm/s 120/220 mm/s
Battery voltage 2x 12 V / 105 Ah 2x 12 V / 105 Ah 2x 12 V / 105 Ah
Total weight 485 kg 485 kg 485 kg