E-DH10BF electric powered pallet stacker


Electric powered pallet stacker with monomast - for optimal forward visibility

Full free lift over the entire lifting range

The manoeuvrable electric mono mast trucks are easy to manoeuvre thanks to the long drawbar arm and the compact design and, thanks to their innovative mono mast, offer excellent forward visibility, both on load and distance.




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  • feature: with full free lift
  • load capacity: 1.000 kg
  • vaious lifting heights up to 1955 mm
  • clearance height depending on model: 1940 or 2290 mm
  • fork outer distance: 550 mm
  • low maintenance gel batteries
  • precision mast rollers
  • side mounted drawbar
  • easy to manoeuvre
  • good forward visibility because of the monomast
  • sensitive speed control
  • battery level indicator and operating hours counter
  • automatic speed reduction from 500 mm lift
  • automatic switch to standby when not in use
  • optional adjustable driving parameters
  • automatic brake against rolling away on ramps and inclines

E-DH10BF electric powered pallet stackers

The E-DH10BF series of electric powered pallet stackers and mono mast stackers are easy to handle and easy to operate thanks to the side-mounted drawbar and mono mast. The Monomast makes it easier to see the load and the distance ahead when driving forwards with the electric pedestrian stacker and when manoeuvring.
A low-maintenance gel battery and various automatic controls ensure efficient use of energy on the mono mast truck. For example, the electric powered pallet stacker automatically switches to standby mode when not in use for a longer period or reduces the travel speed from a lifting height of 500 mm. The Monmast electric pedestrian stacker automatically brakes on inclines, slopes or ramps and thus prevents the truck from rolling away. Avoid accidents and recognise dangerous situations in advance. Thanks to the monomast of the E-DH10BF electric powered pallet  stacker.


Technical specifications

model E-DH1016BF E-DH1019BF
load capacity (kg) 1000 1000
lifting range (mm) 85 - 1600 85 - 1955
minimum fork height (mm) 85 85
lift (mm) 1515 1870
free lift (mm) 1590 1940
height mast lifted (mm) 1955 2305
height mast lowered (mm) 1940 2290
load distance (mm) 805 805
total length (mm) 1615 1615
total width (mm) 800 800
fork dimensions (LxWxH) (mm) 1150/160/55 1150/160/55
outer fork distance (mm) 550 550
fork height (mm) 1600 1955
turning radius (mm) 1295 1295
working width (quer) (mm) 2137 2137
gradeability (%) 3/10 3/10
driving speed (km/h) 3,5 3,5
traction motor (kW) 0,65 0,65
hoist motor (kW) 2,2 2,2
battery capacity (ah) 24V/85 24V/85
tyres Polyurethan Polyurethan
total weight (kg) 502 515