E-15FH electric powered pallet stackers


Modern electric powered pallet stackers with full free lift and triplex mast

The pedestrian and ride-on models for daily use

All E-15FH series electric powered pallet stackers are equipped with full free lift and triplex mast, and as a result they generally require very low headroom.
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  • Feature: can be used as pedestrian or passenger device
  • load capacity: 1,500 kg
  • Max. lifting height per model: up to 4,600 mm
  • Triplex lift mast
  • Full free lift
  • outer fork distance: 570 or 575 mm, depending on the model
  • clearance height depending on model: up to 2,105 mm
  • Elevated mast depending on model: up to 5,160 mm
  • Easy to manoeuvre
  • Very low drive-through height ideal for working in containers and trucks
  • Ergonomic hand part, suitable for both left- and right-handed users
  • Selectable slow speed for difficult manoevres
  • Foldable passenger platform and sidebars standard
  • High-quality polyurethane rollers for quiet and safe movement
  • Battery level indicator with operating hours counter
  • Optional: Load control system for direct weightingof pallets and products

E-15FH electric powered pallet stacker

The E-1534FH model electric powered pallet stacker from the E-15FH series, with an overhead clearance of less than 2,000 mm and a with of 800 mm, is designed so that the E-15FH electric powered pallet stacker could easily drive through virtually any door and is also ideal for use in containers and lorries. As they are equipped with a ride-on platform as standard, all E-15FH series electric powered pallet stackers can also be used for order picking and for the transport of palletised goods over medium and long distances - the E-15FH series electric powered pallet stackers are simply true all-rounders!

The exclusive REMA tiller and the optimised CANBUS SepEx controller form the basis for the modern CANBUS control of this E-15FH electric powered pallet stacker. The tiller is equipped with low-wear induction contacts, which allow for the precise and sensitive control of the electric powered E-15FH. A selectable creep gear also ensures greater precision when manoeuvring the electric powered pallet stacker. E-15FH electric powered stackers are ideal for daily use as walk-behind or ride-on electric powered pallet stackers.

The optional RCSplus weighing system weighs directly in the hydraulic circuit of the lift system with a maximum measuring deviation of 0.2% of the weighed load. This is ideal for control weighing of pallets, and loading controls of lorries and containers.

The E-15FH electric powered pallet stacker can be recharged at any socket (230V/50 Hz).


Technische Daten

Model E-1534FH E-1543FH E-1546FH
Features With full free lift and triplex mast With full free lift and triplex mast With full free lift and triplex mast
Load capacity (kg) 1.500 1.500 1.500
lifting height (mm) 3400 4300 4600
Minimum fork height (mm) 85 85 85
Lift (mm) 3315 4265 4515
Free lift (mm) 1104 1380 1505
Height mast lifted (mm) 3920 4865 5160
Height mast lowered (mm) 1695 1955 2105
Load distance (mm) 677 765 765
Total length (mm) 1960 2065 2065
Total width (mm) 805 1075 1075
Fork dimensions (LxWxH) (mm) 1150/180/60 1150/180/60 1150/180/60
Outer fork distance (mm) 570 570 570
Turning radius (mm) 1465 1710 1800
Working aisle width (horizontal) (mm) 2147 2354 2354
Gradeability (%) 6/12 6/12 6/12
Driving speed (mph) 3,2 3,1 3,1
Traction motor (kW) 1,5 1,8 1,8
Hoist motor (kW) 3,0 3,0 3,0
Battery capacity (V/Ah) 24V/240 24V/300 24V/300
Charger V/A 24/30 (intern) 24/40 (extern) 24/40 (extern)
Total weight (kg) 1140 1338 1315