E-13GS electric powered pallet stacker


Perfectly suited for rack warehouses

Outer fork distance individually adjustable from 200 - 720 mm

The E-1330GS and E-1345GS reach trucks are used where it is no longer possible to work with a normal electric powered pallet stacker. The mast principle makes it possible to access storage locations which are blocked from below.

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  • load capacity: 1,300 kg
  • carrier standard: DIN FEM02 mounting
  • various lifting heights up to 4,500 mm (depending on model)
  • fork outer distance manually adjustable between 200 mm and 760 mm
  • clearance height depending on model: up to 2,296 mm
  • lifted mast depending on model: up to max. 5,385 mm
  • push mast with 550 mm feed
  • foldable passenger platform and sidebars standards
  • easy to manoeuvre because of the power steering
  • rocker switch for forward and reverse travel
  • battery level indicator with operating hours counter
  • determine lifting apeed using proportional lever
  • expandable hydraulic circuits
  • ergonomic hand part, suitable for both left- and right-handed users

E-13GS reach truck

With a feed of 550 mm for the E-1330GS and 550 mm for the E-1345GS, the lift mast can be moved directly to the shelf or the goods. With the E-13GS reach truck, you can also remove goods and pallets from racks or store them where the lower access is blocked or locked.
Similar to a forklift truck, the E-13GS can be hydraulically inclined and tilted. This provides you with even better control over the load. Safety, ease of operation and ergonomics are the top priorities for the E-13GS reach truck.
The E-13GS reach trucks are equipped with an ergonomic REMA manual drawbar with controls on both sides. The E-13GS reach truck can be used by both left-handed and right-handed operators.



Technische Daten

Model E-1330GS E-1345GS
load capacity (kg) 1.300 1.300
lifting height (mm) 3000 4500
minimum fork height (mm) 85 85
lift (mm) 2950 4450
free lift (mm) - 1500
fork carriage FEM2A FEM2A
height mast lifted (mm) 3885 5385
height mast lowered (mm) 2096 2096
load distance (mm) 404 404
total length (mm) 2206 2206
total width (mm) 1090 1090
fork dimensions (LxWxH) (mm) 950/100/35 950/100/35
outer fork distance (mm) 200 - 720 200 - 720
turning radius (mm) 1666 1666
working aisle width (horizontal) (mm) 2710 2710
gradeability with/ without load (%) 5/8 5/8
speed with/ without load (km/h) 5,0/5,5 5,0/5,5
traction motor (kW) 1,6 1,6
hoist motor (kW) 2,2 3,0
battery voltage (Ah) 24V/270 24V/400
total weight (kg) 1750 1750