E-1032B electric powered pallet stacker


Classic electric powered pallet stacker with 1.0 t load capacity

The E-1032B electric powered pallet stacker is the classic electric powered pallet stacker - with a load capacity of 1.0 t up to 3,200 mm lift height.
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  • Can be used as a walk-behind or ride-on truck
  • 1,000 kg load capacity
  • 3,200 mm lift height
  • Ergonomic handset produced by REMA, a German company
  • Suitable for both left-handed and right-handed users
  • Driver platform and side bars as standard
  • OPTIONAL: Load control system for direct weighing of pallets and goods
  • OPTIONAL: L-key for electronic access control
  • OPTIONAL: Precision hydraulic control for lifting and lowering with millimetre precision
  • Quality components from Europe and the United States for more safety and reliability
  • High-quality polyurethane castors for quiet and safe running

The classic ride-on electric powered pallet stacker for medium and long distances

The E-1032B electric powered pallet stacker is equipped with a driver platform and side bars as standard. This makes it ideal for use as a ride-on truck for stacking and unstacking, but also for the transport of goods and pallets over medium and long distances. The ergonomic CANBUS tiller is designed equally for left-handed and right-handed operation, and equipped with a creep gear for difficult shunting manoeuvres.

Technical specifications

Model E-1032B
Load capacity 1,000 kg
Lift range 90 - 3,200 mm
Free lift height 145 mm
Fork dimensions 1,150/180/60 mm
Outer distance between forks 570 mm
Overall dimensions (l/w) 1,950/890 mm
Overall height min/max

2,095/3,600 mm

Working aisle width 2,105 mm
Turning radius 1,550 mm
Drive motor 1.5 kW

3.4 mph

Lift motor 2.2 kW
Lift speed (min/max) 105/150 mm/s
Battery voltage 24 V / 210 Ah
Service weight 910 kg