Accessory equipment


Flexible solutions for forklift trucks and electric powered pallet stackers

All HanseLifter forklifts are equipped with auxiliary hydraulic lines to accommodate practical accessory equipment and great upgrades for your forklift truck. This makes it possible to implement innovative HanseLifter accessory equipment quickly and cost-effectively, without any problems. It is particularly easy to install accessories with fork pockets, as they are placed directly on the forks and attached. A conversion or installation only takes a few minutes and can be carried out with the help of only a few tools. You can find a collection of all our practical accessory equipment for your forklift truck here. Please call us if the right accessory equipment for your truck is not included. We look forward to your call and will find a solution together!

TLA and NTLA load arms

Manual telescopic handler with swivel hook - rigid or with tilt function.

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LH25 load hook

Simple load hook for forklifts, for attachment to forks - with 2.0 t load capacity.

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iForks Bluetooth weighing device

Flexible weighing in the forks - with Bluetooth transmitter and receiver. For weighing capacities up to 5.0 t.

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Transport baskets for forklift trucks

Practical transport baskets for more safety in the workplace

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Multiple pallet forks

Multiple pallet forks for quick loading and unloading of pallets.

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Bale clamps

Bale clamps - damage-free lifting of bales.

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FEM forks for forklift trucks

Standard and special forks in FEM class A

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Fork extensions for forklift trucks

Fork extensions in different versions - made from DOMEX or fully galvanised.

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Load control systems

For forklift trucks and electric powered pallet stackers - up to 10.0 tons load capacity.

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